Before you arrive
Checking in

Help Desk is open June 18, 4 - 10 p.m.

Shinola Hotel Lobby, Entrance at 1435 Farmer St., Detroit, MI 48226

➤ How does this work?

In a nutshell: Wear your wristband, visit a restaurant, eat and drink and repeat at the next stop of your choosing until you’re full or general admission dining ends at 9:30 p.m. Most attendees are able to visit 7 - 10 restaurants comfortably, and plan out their night in advance.

You'll grab your wristband at your starting restaurant — which you choose at ticket purchase — and pick up a guide map before dining when doors open at 5:30 p.m.. Then let the dining begin!

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➤ What are the VIP benefits?

In an exclusive dining experience presented by San Morello, VIP patrons will join SAY Detroit founder Mitch Albom and other special guests at a pre-event reception at 5 p.m. in Shinola Hotel's Birdy Room. The bright and airy Birdy Room conservatory features vaulted glass ceilings and lush greenery, offering a refreshing respite from the energy of downtown Detroit. Fully glass enclosed with a private bar, the Birdy Room also has a small outdoor garden attached with views of the city’s iconic Opera House, sports stadiums and People Mover.

Your VIP experience ends with dessert: Starting at 9 p.m., enjoy a final course of a flaming dessert in the iconic Ghostbar at The Whitney. Relax in the hauntingly beautiful and classy space featuring an ornate wood bar and antique decor.

As a VIP attendee, you will check in and get your wristbands at the VIP reception. After the reception, you can visit any restaurant you choose.

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Before You Arrive

➤ How do I buy tickets?

VIP or General Admission (GA) tickets may only be purchased online through Freshtix.com.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF DISCOUNT TICKET SCAMMERS! We do not allow resale, and if any special ticket discounts are made available, they will be listed as official on this website.

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➤ I can't find my tickets - what do I do?

Ticket buyers: your tickets were generated and emailed automatically at purchase at Freshtix.com. Please check your email - including your SPAM/junk folder - for an email from greenlight@freshtix.com. You can also log in to the Freshtix account you created at the time of purchase to have your tickets sent to you again.

If you need help with your Freshtix.com account, please contact Freshtix directly

Guests of SAY Detroit and sponsors: your tickets were generated by SAY Detroit and emailed to you directly from the Freshtix.com platform. Please check your email - including your SPAM/junk folder - for an email from greenlight@freshtix.com. If you cannot locate them, please email eat@saydetroit.org to request your tickets be sent again.

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➤ Do I have to bring my ticket to the event? Do I have to give tickets out?


Each GA attendee must bring their print-at-home ticket or show their mobile ticket in order to check in, pick up their wristbands, and enter the previously selected restaurant on your ticket to begin your dining experience.

VIP attendees must bring their print-at-home tickets or show their mobile tickets at the VIP Reception.

NOTE: Ticket buyers must distribute tickets to their guests.  If you purchased more than one ticket in your order, please distribute a print-at-home or mobile ticket to the guests who will be joining you before the event so each attendee can check in and pick up their wristband individually. EVERY ATTENDEE NEEDS A TICKET AND EACH TICKET MAY ONLY BE SCANNED ONCE.

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➤ Should I plan what restaurants I’d like to visit in advance? Will I be able to dine at all 20+ restaurants?

Attendees who plan their order of restaurants to visit in advance improve their experience. Our website and app will help you do that. Use the digital map and the menu to create a custom tour based on your starting restaurant, preparing for when you’ll be walking and we’ll you’ll be taking a shuttle for longer distances. Most attendees are able to visit 7 - 10 locations comfortably throughout the night.

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➤ What is the dress code?

While this isn’t a black tie affair, we encourage you to choose at least smart casual attire. Be tasteful, be neat, and most importantly, be comfortable on your feet. You’ll be standing, strolling, and wherever possible – dancing! – so you’ll want to make sure you’re able to do so without being hindered by footwear. 

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When You Arrive

➤ When should I arrive? Where do I go?

If you’re GA, please arrive at your starting restaurant - it’s on your ticket - at 5:30 p.m. with your ticket printed or a digital copy ready for scanning on your phone. 

If you’re VIP, please arrive at the Shinola Hotel's Birdy Room (use the 1435 Farmer St. entrance) for the 5 p.m. reception with your ticket printed or a digital copy that can be viewed by our volunteer staff. After the VIP reception, you will walk or hop on a shuttle bus to the restaurant of your choice to begin the tour.

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➤ What if I arrive late?

If you’re GA, your wristband will be waiting for you at the starting restaurant you selected until 6:30 p.m. After 6:30, please check in at the help desk at 1435 Farmer St.

If you’re VIP, your wristband will be waiting for you at the VIP reception at the Mad Nice until 6:30 p.m. If you arrive after 6:30, please check in at the help desk at 1435 Farmet St.

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➤ Where do I park?

Updated parking options will be made available soon.

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➤ Do I really have to dine first at my “starting” restaurant I chose when buying tickets?

PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU: To help the night run more smoothly, we ask that you honor your first restaurant assignment and meet up with other parties afterwards. Our distribution is intended to ensure that your first dining experience is not overcrowded, and help guide the rest of your traveling path accordingly.

It just makes sense to try the restaurant at which you'll pick up your wristbands!

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➤ Can I order from the restaurant’s menu?

Not as part of EAT Detroit. Chefs are preparing a special menu that is a minimum of 3 specialty small plates and 1 signature craft cocktail.

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➤ Is it OK to go back to the same restaurant several times?

During the event? No. And with 20+ restaurants to choose from, why would you want to? Anytime after EAT Detroit? YES, please do!

EAT Detroit is a great opportunity to try many different hot spots and cuisines. Please help us make sure that your fellow attendees also have a chance to try everything by following the recommended routes (clockwise or counterclockwise) and adhering to recommended capacity limits as instructed by our EAT Detroit volunteers.

We encourage you to visit these restaurants again for a full night of dining after your EAT Detroit experience, keeping in mind that they are adding this special dining service during our event to help support SAY Detroit’s mission to better the lives of Detroiters in need.

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➤ Is there alcohol on this tour?

Yes, each restaurant is offering a minimum of 1 specialty craft cocktail to EAT Detroit attendees. Please make sure you have your proof of age with you.

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➤ What’s for dessert?

Diners can enjoy refreshing water ice at the Detroit Water Ice Factory any time during the night. After 9:00 p.m., VIP diners can enjoy a final course of a flaming dessert in the iconic Ghostbar at The Whitney. Relax in the hauntingly beautiful and classy space featuring an ornate wood bar and antique decor.

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➤ I have food allergies / special diets — will I be accommodated?

All diet/allergy considerations are addressed individually by each restaurant in accordance with their policies and regular menu considerations. While we encourage restaurants to consider variety and inclusion for all patrons when creating their EAT Detroit tasting menu and signature cocktail (and non-alcoholic beverages), we cannot guarantee accommodation and substitutions cannot be requested on the day-of. You can view the menu for all restaurants when they become available here.

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Getting Around

➤ How do I get around?

Restaurants are primarily located in “clusters” that are walkable – enjoy the summer stroll! Special shuttles will help get you between the clusters. Review shuttle lines and stops before you arrive. Go to shuttles.

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➤ Are your shuttles ADA-accessible? Are the restaurants?

The event requires walking from restaurant to restaurant within “clusters”, with shuttles providing cluster-to-cluster transportation only. Due to a high volume of rentals for various events, we have found a limited availability of private shuttles overall.

If you or anyone in your party requires an ADA-accessible van with adjustable seating for a mobility device (wheelchair or scooter), please indicate “YES” at the time of purchase and contact us immediately at eat@saydetroit.org. A representative from EAT Detroit will follow up directly for details and determine accommodation options.

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Getting Help

➤ What if I need help during the event?

Greeting you at each restaurant – and on the shuttles and route stops – will be our EAT Detroit volunteers, who’ll be eager to answer your questions. You’ll recognize them because they’ll all be wearing our official 2023 EAT Detroit apron. Volunteers hail from our A Time to Help group, generous fellow citizens, and our local charity partners with whom SAY Detroit works to provide services and support to Detroiters in need throughout the year. Ask them about their work. You can also stop by the Help Desk inside Shinola Hotel's lobby at the 1435 Farmer St. entrance.

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➤ How do I contact Freshtix

Email: greenlight@freshtix.com

Phone: 678-701-6114

Text message: 678-737-4093

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➤ How do I contact representatives from EAT Detroit or SAY Detroit?

Please email eat@saydetroit.org

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