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Shuttles run nonstop starting at 5:30 p.m. and make all stops on assigned routes until 10 p.m. Walk to restaurants within the Downtown, Midtown and Corktown clusters, or hop on at the nearest shuttle stop to travel between clusters.


The Green Line loops counterclockwise (running west to east) on Michigan Ave between the Corktown shuttle stops and the “Downtown – Woodward” stop and transfer to the Red Line to visit restaurants in the Downtown and Midtown clusters.

The Red Line loops clockwise (running north to south) from Downtown up to Midtown and back down.


Please note the routes and bus stops are not final will be updated soon.

 Downtown – Woodward

Corner of Michigan Ave at 1001 Woodward Ave
Transfer between Red and Green Lines

 Downtown – Beacon Park

Cass Ave between Bagley St and Middle St

 Midtown – Cass Ave

Cass Ave between Selden St and W Alexandrine

 Midtown – Canfield St

W Canfield St between Cass Ave and Woodward Ave

 Midtown – Brush Park

John R St between Watson St And Erskine St

 Corktown – Stop 1

 Corktown – Stop 2

Shuttle Lines | Shuttle Stops