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Spinach Ricotta Ravioli (V, D, E, W) NEW FOR EAT DETROIT!

Spinach ricotta ravioli in a Calabrian chili "Aurora" cream sauce

Beef Tenderloin Skewers (GF) NEW FOR EAT DETROIT!

Beef tenderloin skewers in a spiagini di manzo salsa verde with a soft polenta

Tiramisu (D, E, W)

Mascarpone mousse, espresso soaked ladyfingers, valrhona coffee ganache

Brancaia Tre

Super Tuscan red wine

Water, Soda


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Local Strawberries + buttercream + candied nuts + citrus

Gurkensalat (V, GF, F)

Persian cucumber + pickled shallot + crème frîache + dill + marigold + trout roe

Focaccia Laciada (W)

Rosemary focaccia + coppa + taleggio + apricot mostarda + chili oil


Grappa + house pine syrup + Genepy + Alpino Bitters

Water, Soda

Bar Pigalle

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Menu items coming soon.

The Brakeman

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Menu items coming soon.

Detroit Water Ice Factory

Dessert, all night long! | Find on Map

Detroit Water Ice Cups

Water ice is a derivative of Italian ice. It’s smooth, refreshing and has tons of flavor but no fat, dairy, gluten, or cholesterol (with exceptions).


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Menu items coming soon.


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Short Rib (GF, D)

Boneless braised short rib over creamy polenta 

Tuna Tartare (GF, F, R, D, E)

Tuna, spicy mayo, sesame, jalapeño, crispy rice

Mushroom Slider (V,E) - NEW FOR EAT DETROIT!

Crispy wild mushroom, special sauce, potato slider

Garden of Daisies (+  Non-Alcoholic Mocktail)

Valentines White Blossom Vodka, papaya juice, lemon and hibiscus

Water, Soda, Iced Tea, Lemonade

La Feria Spanish Tapas

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Salmorejo (VG, W)

Puréed tomato, garlic, bell pepper, bread, olive oil, grape or jamón garnish

Gambas al Ajillo (SH, 🌶)

Pan-seared spicy garlic shrimp

Tostada de Almogrote (V, D, W, 🌶)

Cured sheep cheese spread with garlic, olive oil, dried chili flakes


Family recipe for a classic Spanish drink made with red wine, brandy, other spirits, orange juice, and fresh fruit

Water, Soda, Iced Tea

La Lanterna

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Menu items coming soon.

Le Suprême

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Menu items coming soon.


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Hummus & Crudite (VG, GF)

Chickpea puree with tahini, raw vegetables

Tabbouleh (VG, W)

Parsley, mint, cracked wheat, tomato, onion

Arayes (N, R, W)

Seasoned lamb between grilled pita bread, with tahini

Lebanita (N)

Blanco tequila, spiced pear, honey, almond, lemon juice 

Lebanese Lemonade


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Menu items coming soon.


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Menu items coming soon.


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Boquerone Cracker  (F, SH, D, SY, W)

Marinated anchovy, oyster cream cheese, giardiniera, chives, sourdough cracker.

Brandade Toast (D, F, SY, W)

Salt cod spread, toasted baguette, crispy potato, pickled mustard seed, dill

Mink is partnering with Folk for a single dining experience.

Ottava Via

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Menu items coming soon.

PAO Detroit

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Menu items coming soon.


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Menu items coming soon.

San Morello

⑱ ★
VIP Reception at 5 p.m. | Find on Map

Menu items coming soon.

Second Best

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Menu items coming soon.

Sexy Steak

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Pasta Carbone (D, E, 🌶)

Calabria peppers, creamy tomato sauce

Burrata Bruschetta (V, D, E, N, W)

Oranges, toasted walnuts, salsa verde, honey crostini

Meatball Sliders (D, W) NEW FOR EAT DETROIT!

Meatballs, marinara, mozzarella cheese, slider roll


Stolichnaya Vodka infused with Dole pineapple, strained and served over ice

Water, Soda, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Juice/Fruit Drink

SheWolf Pastificio & Bar

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Zucca alla San Danielle (D,W) NEW FOR EAT DETROIT!

Fresh pasta, prosciutto and poppy seed sauce, peas

Crostini Di Funghi (V, D, W) NEW FOR EAT DETROIT!

Focaccia, mushroom ragu, creamy cheese


Shaved broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts salad, honey, citrus vinaigrette

Aperol These Years 

Seasonal Aperol Spritz (contains strawberry)

Water, Soda

The Statler

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Menu items coming soon.

Townhouse Detroit

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Menu items coming soon.

Waka by Baobab Fare

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(Food Truck - 100% Halal)

Beef Chapati (W) 

Tender beef slow simmered in ripened tomato sauce, rolled in flat bread, plantains and beans

Chicken Chapati (W) 

Pan-fried chicken in tangy mustard-onion sauce, rolled in flat bread, plantains and beans

Eggplant Chapati (VG, W) 

Fragrant eggplant stew, rolled in flat bread, plantains and beans

Fizzy Hibiscus

A tart, floral sparkling drink bursting with warming spices


The Whitney (+ Ghostbar)

Dining ends 8:30 p.m. ★ VIP-only dessert 9 - 10 p.m. | Find on Map

Prime Rib Slider (D)

Shaved prime rib on a pretzel slider bun, with caramelized onions & Swiss cheese

Miniature Smoked Salmon Crostini (D, F)

With boursin cheeses, red onion and capers

Miniature Mousse Cup (D)  

Chocolate cup filled with raspberry puree, topped with chocolate mousse

VIP-Only Dessert Reception

Bananas Foster 

Their famous flambeed dessert!

Champagne, Coffee, Water, Soda

Wright & Company

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House Made Potato Chips (V, GF, D)

Cheddar cheese sauce, tomato relish, chives

Pork Belly Slider (D, E, W)

Tomato jam, sriracha aioli, arugula, toasted brioche

Grilled and Chilled Carrot Salad (S, W, VGO*)

Heirloom carrots, celery root puree, scorched vinegar, grapefruit, toasted shrimp panko (*vegan, fish, and gluten-free option available upon request)

Butterscotch Pudding (D, E)

Nutmeg whipped cream

Pink Elephant (N)

See The Elephant Amaro, Aperol, passionfruit, lime, orgeat, hibiscus

Water, Soda


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Menu items coming soon.